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Episode 90 - It’s Time to Embrace and Overcome the Fear of Failure — With Guest Frank Luna

May 19, 2021

Everyone encounters failure, but the most successful people look at failure as an opportunity to grow and develop.

In this episode, Justin Bennett connects with guest Frank Luna, a National Guardsman and accomplished public relations professional, about the idea of failure, discipline, wealth-building, and fitness!

We discuss:

- How Frank Luna’s experience in the Army National Guard shaped him

- How you see the world as it relates to your body, fitness and mindset

- The idea of failure and how to embrace it

- How you can develop the wealth-building mindset and discipline

- And more

Tune in now to uncover how failure can actually lead you to spectacular success.

Resources: Bennett Financial Group: (732) 897-4096 | Justin Bennett | Frank Luna


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