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Episode 80 - High Performers Give Back to Their Competition (Here’s Why!)

November 4, 2020

If you're performing at the top of your game, it's important to give back from a place of abundance versus scarcity –– especially to people inside your own industry.

Today, Justin Bennett talks about why he accepted the invitation to present in front of a competing firm. He reveals what lesson he shared with them and why he encourages top performers to give back within their own industry.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • An example of what kind of topic you can present to professionals who do similar work as you
  • What it does and doesn’t mean to give back from a place of abundance
  • How you can benefit professionally from teaching other industry professionals
  • Why giving back within the industry rises the tide for you, your clients, and other professionals
  • And more!

Tune in now to get inspired to give back with abundance!

Resources: Bennett Financial Group: (732) 897-4096 | Bennett Financial Group Facebook Page 


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