Your Optimal Personal Economy PODCAST

Episode 6 - What to Expect From A Planner

September 15, 2017

With growing and demanding personal and professional lives, life continues to get more complex. With time being our only non-renewable resource, people continue to find themselves without the time to properly research and understand money decisions. In order to have a greater existence and being around your personal and professional lives, it is recommended that you work with a professional who is proficient in macroeconomic planning and is committed to a long term relationship.

There are many ways to approach your planning and it is often the case that financial decisions are made based on convenience or opinion. The education and ‘why’ around the decisions is often overlooked. There must be purpose and clarity behind every decision. When working with a professional who understands and employs this type of approach, money decisions are made in a manner that provides an integrated and coordinated strategic solution. This produces greater overall efficiency and money decisions are not made independent of one another. When decisions are rooted in fact, the outcome becomes clearer and the focus becomes strategy based as opposed to product based.

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