Your Optimal Personal Economy PODCAST

Episode 47 - Is Your Planner Providing You With Good Thinking?

May 1, 2019

Justin Bennett strongly believes in the value of prompting clients to stop and think about things in a way they previously did not.

Without realizing it, you may be conditioned to think about an aspect of your life in a one-dimensional way, when there are actually several dimensions. In today’s episode,

Justin explains how he and his team ask questions that provide good thinking to clients.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

- How Justin Bennett defines “good thinking”
- Why using Google to research your planning options is a losing game
- Examples of how Bennett Financial provides good thinking, which shifts clients away from a conventional mindset
- How to determine if your planner is providing you with good thinking 
- And more!

Tune in now to learn how good thinking can completely change your planning mindset!


Exp 4/2021

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