Episode 10 - 7 Reasons to Work with a Professional

November 17, 2017

When tackling finances or their personal economy, people often try to do it on their own or they are unsure about working with a professional. These reasons can help you understand the advantages of working with a professional. A professional is someone that has expertise and knowledge in a certain craft. A professional in planning focuses on a macroeconomic view. However, in planning, it’s important to have someone help you understand your overall personal economy, create a customized plan and help you integrate your plan into your life.

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Episode 9 - What is YOPE

November 17, 2017

Your Personal Economy is about focusing on what’s important in your world versus what’s going on or important to the world outside. It’s a mindset and a philosophy – to make decisions on what matters most. It measures what matters most to you including: family, home, health, wellness, dreams, goals, legacy, giving, and more. It only works when developed into a plan of action followed up by a discipline to implement and stay within this mindset.




Episode 8 - Money for Today and Money for Tomorrow

November 17, 2017

In this podcast, Justin shares how optimal planning requires a balance between money for today and
money for tomorrow. Structure and discipline are necessary to implement this balance. Most people have their income deposited into one checking account. Throughout the month, they spend that money on current day lifestyle. In the event there is anything left at the end of the month, they may save some of that to have money for tomorrow. Oftentimes, this approach produces little to no money for tomorrow.

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Episode 7 - What is More Important? Savings Rate or Rate of Return?

September 30, 2017

Most people focus solely on rate of return and are not aware that savings rate has a significantly larger impact on wealth building than rate of return. The rate of return conversation is what is marketed and it becomes a way to create immediate gratification (or not). By focusing on savings rate, you focus on what you can control and when doing so, you can create a more favorable (and enjoyable) outcome to your wealth building than if you solely focus on rate of return which is outside of your control.

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Episode 6 - What to Expect From A Planner

September 15, 2017

With growing and demanding personal and professional lives, life continues to get more complex. With time being our only non-renewable resource, people continue to find themselves without the time to properly research and understand money decisions. In order to have a greater existence and being around your personal and professional lives, it is recommended that you work with a professional who is proficient in macroeconomic planning and is committed to a long term relationship.

There are many ways to approach your planning and it is often the case that financial decisions are made based on convenience or opinion. The education and ‘why’ around the decisions is often overlooked. There must be purpose and clarity behind every decision. When working with a professional who understands and employs this type of approach, money decisions are made in a manner that provides an integrated and coordinated strategic solution. This produces greater overall efficiency and money decisions are not made independent of one another. When decisions are rooted in fact, the outcome becomes clearer and the focus becomes strategy based as opposed to product based.

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Episode 5 - Stop Thinking that Rates of Return are the Only Measure of Success

July 20, 2017

Justin Bennett shares how many people put their money into investments, yet they don’t understand how those investments will impact their short term and long term planning. It is often the case, that people don’t even understand the investment and/or the investment account itself. Justin and his team help clients understand how rates of return are one factor among many factors that should be taken into consideration to help achieve an optimal personal economy. Learn more about rates of return in this podcast:




Episode 4 - Investments Make Bad Insurance and Insurance Makes Bad Investments

July 5, 2017

Justin shares how many have tackled Insurance and Investment decisions as though the two are fighting each other over who gets your money.  Some put all of their money in investments (with some term life insurance) while others put all of their money in insurance (with just a little in investments). Both approaches share an objective that you will reach your End Game and move into a phase where your income is coming from your money and you are no longer working to generate the income. When you take one of these “either or approaches”, you end up missing out on how whole life insurance and investments can actually play very nicely together in your personal economy.

Learn more about whole life insurance, investments, and how the two can work together in this podcast.




Episode 3 - 8 Reasons Why Liquidity Matters

June 13, 2017

Justin shares the eight reasons why it’s important to have liquidity, and how the reasons build off one another, to help ensure people reach their optimal wealth building potential. Learn more about how Justin works with his clients to build liquidity and why it matters in this podcast:




Episode 2 - A Different Paradigm Creates Different Results

June 12, 2017

Justin shares how certain beliefs or paradigms around planning, money, and decisions will lead to certain results. A lot of people are used to the conventional paradigm that leads to a very transactional-based life. Due to this, many people get results in life that they don’t necessarily want. Justin and his team help build a plan based on your current net worth, disciplines, inefficiencies, and how you can work around them, getting you on a track that will lead to a good range of wealth if executed correctly.. Learn more about how a different paradigm will lead to different results in this podcast:




Episode 1 - Justin Bennett - Your Optimal Personal Economy

May 21, 2017

Justin Bennett grew up in an entrepreneurial family. He figured out early in his life, that he wanted to have his own business and control his own destiny. Justin also realized that he wanted to interact with people and make a difference in their lives. This led him to pursue a career in the macroeconomic planning business.  Learn more about Justin Bennett, his life, his career, and the Bennett Financial Group in this podcast: